Why ?

We do not claim we know everything. We do not think we can beat experts who are working on these issues already longer than we have lived so far. But we should prepare ourselves to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow and together, we have a lot of ideas and knowledge about the world around us. We are no politicians! Together, we can cross many borders.

We do have a vision on the world we want to live in in 2050 and thereafter. We can provide a refreshing and genuine view on what we believe is necessary for a world free of water problems. We have new means and opportunities, such as internet and social media, to connect and address the challenges. We, as the youth of the world, want to stand up and voice what we believe cannot be neglected in order to ensure that every human being, young and old, has access to water and sanitation services and protection against water where needed.

During the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, experts from all over the world are coming together to discuss the challenges concerning water. We are presenting sessions during World Water Forum in order to ensure that the voice of the youth of this world is heard on the important issues of water.

Youth representatives, youth organizations and youth from all over the world have been involved in this initiative. We believe it is necessary to put our hands together and form a coalition that urges governments, international organisations and the water community to take suitable action to ensure improving the world wide water situation.

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Input from other youth initiatives

The World Water Forum is giving us this chance. Would you like to discuss with us?