From 12 to 17 March 2012 the world water community will come together in Marseille with the aim to place water on the international agenda. The Water Youth Movement is now starting discussions about the world’s water challenges and possible solutions. But what are we going to talk about?

This is totally up to you. What do you find important? Do you agree with the Priorities for Action and targets set by the World Water Forum and the input of the professionals or does the World Water Community overlook something?

We are looking for people who would like to contribute the discussions, people who would like to set up a ‘real-life’ discussion on one of the topics and people who would like to lead the discussions online. If you are interested, please fill in the form which you can find here (link)

The World Water Forum 6 has set Priorities for Action, each with its own targets. The priorities are listed below. Each of you can decide which discussion you want to join.

Besides the topics of the WWF6 we can discuss on other topics too. What do you want to discuss? Please let us know and we’ll add it to the forum: wateryouthmovement @ gmail.com

Our topics (can be added to!)

Youth participation at the Forum – What do we need to participate effectively?

How can we make ourselves heard? – How can we draw attention to what we are saying?

The World Water Forum – What can be changed for the better?

Topics from the World Water Forum 6

Priorities for Action
1 - Guarantee access to water for all and the Right to water
- Improve access to integrated sanitation services for all
- Contribute to hygiene and health through water and sanitation
- Prevent and respond to water-related risks and crises
- Contribute to Cooperation and Peace through water
2 - Balance multiple uses through Integrated Water Resource Management
- Contribute to food security by optimal use of water
- Harmonize water and energy
- Promote green growth and value ecosystem services
3 Improve the quality of water resources and ecosystems
- Adjust pressures and footprints of human activities on water
- Respond to climate and global changes in an urbanizing world
Conditions for Success
Good Governance
Financing Water for All
Enabling Environments