The Water Youth Movement becomes the Water Youth Network

Posted on September 19, 2012 by Elisa in News

The Water Youth Movement was created in partnership by the French think tank called Youth Diplomacy and various students from the Netherlands.  h – 17th March 2012. During the Forum, governments and international leaders promised to help us share our message with the international community and enable exchanges between young people and decision makers (experts, politicians,…) beyond the 6th WWF. Therefore we decided to continue this project.

We are currently gathering youth organisations on water-related issues to share our ideas, our informations and strengthen our position in international summits. We wish to transform this local movement into a global network to encourage meaningful participation of global  youth to help solve issues related to water.  Youth Diplomacy and the WYM are currently laying the foundations for the Water Youth Network and will be in charge of its coordination. It already includes programs in which Phd and Master students from all around the world can share theirs experiences and research works. Most of them participated to the Emerging Academic Program (EAP) during the last World Water Forum.  In the long run, we hope to organize the network into regional divisions in order to be more efficient and have a greater impact.

We welcome all initiatives and are eager to learn about your experiences, researches, interests and ideas.

How can you join and participate in the WYN?

- You can join us on the WYN facebook page to participate to the online discussions and to keep in touch with your network.
– You can submit writing samples, ideas, findings that will be featured on the WYN website.
– You can create your local WYN division. WYN Europe in currently under construction but we need you to start shaping your local organization or network.

What is there for you?

- Joining the network is a great opportunity to participate in major water events. Last year, we invited more than 40 young people from all around the world to come to the 6th World Water Forum to express themselves and introduce their researches in front of important international leaders.
– It is also a great way to meet people that are interested in the same issues as you and with whom you can share your experiences.
– It is an easy way to keep in touch with the evolution of water related issues through our water news updates, our lecture reviews and water activities.

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