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We are young, enthusiastic people who believe that it is important to give young people all over the world a say in how their future should look like.

Together, as a global youth movement, we will be able to influence important decisions. The film explains our plan and we hope you will join us.

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Today, almost 900 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and more than double lack access to basic sanitation. Both with detrimental effects. Water can be a friend, but also an enemy through storms, droughts and floods that are expected to become more serious in future. Every part of the world faces different water challenges.

The current water crisis hits us, children and youth, hard: diseases and health risks hit this vulnerable group harder than others, limiting the freedom and opportunities to use our full potential, to build up good lives and to contribute to the societies we belong to.

It is obvious that we, the youth of the world, have a large stake to get involved in the decision making on water; the future is ours!

The World Water Forum gives us the chance to speak up and to get involved in the process leading up to the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille. We are invited to think about and contribute to the targets set by the World Water Community.

The following months, we will gather contributions to the discussions from all over the world. These contributions will come from young people already active in other youth initiatives to the Forum, and from youth outside of this initiative. Everyone is free to join.

Do you want to get involved too?


  1. Yes, the future depends on clean water. Here in Asheville, NC we have plenty of clean water, but there is a plan afoot to hijack this water for use in fracking (for natural gas) in Central North Carolina. This is not only a waste of resources; it causes pollution of local aquifers with toxic chemicals used in fracking, a complete disaster!

  2. Our Water bodies are going to extinct due to our own negligance. Sentization and awareness is important. Kashmir is full of fresh waterbodies but due to pollution the water is contaminated and one who drinks it is at risk of hepatitis

  3. In Indonesia clean water become unsecure for the rural community. A lot of clean water resources that was used as daily need fulfillment has been turned to private sectors. This happened as the community were not aware of the resources and government lack of sense of pro-cummunty.

    We need to awakening the community and policy changes.

    • Hi Sharbinie.

      I am currently conducting some research on the Constitutional Provisions and the 2004 Water Act in Indonesia, exploring whether the privatisation clause is deemed unconstitutional and what can be done to what legal safeguards we can draw up for rural communities in protecting their human right to water. I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue or maybe if you know if a good case-study.

      all the best,


  4. Nosakhare Richard Osabuohien January 29, 2012 at 15:53

    In Nigeria most community surfer from polluted water mostly in the Niger Delta where a lot of oil is. The government have not been able to give and provide for portable and clean water but rather trying to make laws to ban our efforts and individual efforts in the construction of bore holes.

  5. I believe every Region has its only way of water protection and Access. Regional involvement of people basing on the releif and water bodies or sources available can bring down wrong decision making. Let each region get a right on its water body. Lets focus on local level if we need to help out with the water problem in the world. No way we can solve the problem by getting different ways to be implemented in an area.

    Let the Communities take care of there own sources and have plans to get access to water in there own local way. when we make water projects to be managed by big Orgs, then there is a lot of non owner ship.

  6. Hello,

    We are a team of 4 French engineers developing a low-cost solar still to produce fresh water. EC-O, the name of the distiller, can produce more than 6L/m2/day: we hardly believe that a decentralized water grid is the best solution in poor countries, as a significant mass of water is lost because of leaks. Then, we started focusing on our users needs, we realized that theses populations, and especially the young generations, want to build a better future by themselves above all. The idea of launching a collaborative hub emerged: its main goals are inspiring and giving hope to people as well as giving them the necessary tools to do it by themselves.

    For us, the best solution is the one that gives the right framework (hydraulic techniques, fundings, inspiration/motivation …) to them, the one that allows them to build a better future in a responsible way. Eventually, the best help is to stand back and let them take charge of themselves.

    Therefore, along with the desalination tool, we are trying hard to give people hope, by posting inspiring success stories in our blog: http://www.ec-o-project.org


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