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The secretariat of the 6th World Water Forum has given us access to the forum of professionals where all the discussions of the preparatory committees take place.


*** Call For Solutions – Emerging Academic Program – Apply now to take part in the 6th World Water Forum  (12-17th March 2012) !

The 6th World Water Forum is looking to invite advanced Master’s and PhD students from around the world to present their solutions-based work and participate as fully engaged members of the Forum.


*** How to take part in the Forum’s dicussions : Discuss on our Forum of Solutions !

It is not possible for all of us to be present this forum and give our individual ideas. It would have no impact and would make the discussions blurry and unfocused. This is why it is important for us to speak with one voice.

To achieve this, we will have our own preparatory discussions, before we get in touch with the experts of the World Water Forum. We have set up a forum where the topics will be discussed among ourselves.

The moderators for a topic can enter the website of the professionals and bring valuable information and discussion into ours. In February, our opinions will be gathered and presented to the Water Council and the World Water Forum. Do you have ideas how? Please let us know (link forum)

Group contributions (discussions)       }→ Youth vision
Input from other youth initiatives

Do you know a gathering or meeting of young people during which they can discuss these topics and give input to our discussions? Please let us know by mailing to: wateryouthmovement @

Do you want to give individual input? Please subscribe to the forum and join the discussion!

Do you want to know what is organised for young people during the World Water Forum? Check their websites!