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Posted on November 5, 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

Fergie time over but who can knock Manchester United off their perch?

If life without Sir Alex Ferguson chewing gum on the touchline, frantically tapping on his watch and celebrating goals with that rapid, slightly awkward, clap heralds the end of an era at Manchester United, the departure of the most decorated manager in the history of English football also represents a fresh start for the rest of the Premier League.

As United supporters took to social networking sites to reveal how they were feeling numb, tearful, unable to work and, in some rather extreme cases, compared Ferguson’s decision to step down as akin to a death in the family, it was easy to imagine owners, chief executives and managers at the leading clubs in the land breathing a collective sigh of relief when the statement we never thought we would read went out on Wednesday morning.

Ferguson has seen off 51 different managers from Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur since he was appointed in November 1986. Much more significantly he has been way out in front on the trophy count, presiding over a period of domestic dominance that has helped to transform United into a global football power and suffocated the ambitions of others.

Arsenal and Chelsea have challenged United’s hegemony at different points in the past 15 years but Ferguson’s players have won 13 of the 21 Premier League titles on offer, which is more than twice as many as their London rivals have managed put together. The only other two clubs to win the Premier League are Blackburn Rovers, for whom success disappeared as quickly as it arrived in the mid-1990s, and Manchester City, the noisy Authentic Prada Shoes Outlet neighbours who are likely to be Authentic Prada Bags For Sale Philippines around for handbags a good deal longer but whose grip on the title lasted for 12 months before normal service resumed at Old Trafford.

As for Liverpool, who Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shoes Sale were the team to beat in the 1980s, Ferguson achieved what he set out to do when he arrived from Aberdeen. Paul Dalglish, son of Kenny, alluded to that famous Ferguson quote when he responded to the breaking news coming out of Old Trafford by asking via Twitter if the United manager would be kind enough to give Anfield their perch back.

The big question is whether anyone can do to United what they did to Liverpool. That is easier said than done, not least because of how football’s financial landscape has changed since 1986, when Ferguson inherited a team in which the highest paid player earned

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