major slipups or his lead

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And Katherine (Mahoney) Woods, attended Holyoke Public Schools, and was a graduate of Holyoke High School, Class of 1952. He also graduated from Springfield College with a BS in Physical Education and from Fairfield University in CT with a Master Degree in English. He was a United States Army Veteran of the Korean War, attaining the rank of Private First Class as a military police officer.

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We also believe being part of a community means giving back. We been raising funds for various charities through events and fundraisers for over 10 years. Charities like The Stollery Children Hospital Foundation, Breast Cancer Research, Prostate Cancer (Movember) and many local initiatives that are important to our neighbours in various communities.

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I'm part of the pilot time of the Youth Task Force at the 6th World Water Forum. With Roos ter Horst, International Water &Youth Movement and Youth Diplomacy, we created the Water Youth Movement to ensure all Youth from all around the world could contribute to the Forum. We also organised the Emerging Academic Program to invite students to the Forum. Our work is moving forward, we received a lot of impressive contributions and hope to get even more till the forum in March!! I'm graduate of ESCP Europe School of Management in Paris and am currently studying at the London School of Economics in a Development Management Master. I'm the Director of the Geopolitics of water at Youth Diplomacy, we organise events, talks and publish articles to sensitize the youth to water and IR issues. I'm very interested in development challenges and issues of water in particular, including access to water in developing countries. I believe social enterprises and community-led management could do a great deal to sustainably enhance access to water for all.

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