Linda Miles TE2 winner (briefly repackaged as “Shaniqua

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Josh like it Matthews TE1 competitor (worked commentary; longest employed TE alum from 2002 2014). Linda Miles TE2 winner (briefly repackaged as “Shaniqua,” a valet of the Basham brothers; employed from 2002 2004). Jackie Gayda TE2 winner (of “That Jackie Gayda Match” infamy and wife of Charlie Haas; employed 2002 2005).

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An Agrestic resident was mentioned in passing several times, since he would ride a Segway nude at night. Guess who rode by right at the end of an episode after another major bombshell Nancy had to deal with? The first time Doug sees Andy in season 1, he calls him Randy. Guess what Andy’s new name is as of season 6.

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