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Can anyone stop Chelsea?

Planting your boots on the Premiership peak used to bring on a sense of vertigo. The gritty 2003 champions Manchester United have been queasy ever since and the Arsenal “invincibles” of 2004 struck up an acquaintance with failure last season during five League defeats. It would make for an absorbing contest in the year ahead if the thin air at the summit of English football was also to make Chelsea heads swim.

Unfortunately for their rivals, however click over here, Stamford Bridge thinking is likely to stay as sharp and deadly as it has been since the moment of Jose Mourinho’s arrival. The Chelsea manager is putting down deep roots that undermine the foundations of the Premiership’s traditional strongholds. “It does look as if we have to start a league season thinking that we cannot afford to lose once,” said Sir Alex Ferguson, leaving us to debate the precise ratio of Old Trafford ambition to apprehension in that statement.

As the manager of a club whose record-breaking is presently confined to shouldering the heaviest debt in world football, he canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet will have a heightened awareness of the means available to Mourinho. The

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