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An Irish round

Twenty-five years ago farmhouse cheesemaking was a lost tradition in Ireland. Medieval monks may have been expert cheesemakers – it is thought they exported their techniques across the Continent – but modern factories were only turning out rubbery cheddar-type cheeses. Despite the lushness of the landscape and the vitality of dairy farming, no one was making high quality, handmade cheeses of the kind you might expect to find anywhere in France.

Then along came Norman and Veronica Steel. Norman is English, but studied at Trinity College, Dublin; he met Veronica when he gave a lecture on Wittgenstein in Cork and ‘she was just about the only person in the audience not wearing a nun’s habit or a dog collar’. They have been inseparable ever since, living in a ramshackle cottage on the West coast – you have to go outside to get to the sitting room – surrounded by pecking hens. Here, they have raised four children and here, in 1976, they began to make authenitc canada goose outlet store in gta with discount price Milleens.

‘We like good food,’ Norman says, ‘and we were always basically self-sufficient. We would kill a duck a week, benefits of canada goose jacket and Veronica made souffl

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