Other Youth Initiatives at the Forum

Our initiative is not the only one concerning youth and the World Water Forum. We are coordinating our actions together with:

The World Youth Parliament for Water

20 young people have already come together to set the outlines for the discussions of the Youth Parliament. Soon, the other 65 will be chosen to contribute to the discussions, 20 from each continent and 5 from France. These young people represent their country, their continent and us too.

Projection – Young Professionals

Projection is a platform that draws on a network of young professionals from countries in the North and South, working on access to basic services in urban areas in developing countries. Along with existing networks, Projection aims to contribute to current debates and thinking in this field. Projection is working on facilitating the participation of young professionals to the Forum and bringing them together during the Forum for networking activities.

African Youth Debate

The debate is an initiative of Projection (from the Young Professionals initiative) and the regional branch of the water movement international. Youth from all over Africa will come together in December to discuss the topics of the World Water Forum.

Activities in other regions are still being developed. The network from Latin America is working hard to engage their youth.

Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur’s Regional Youth Council 

The young students of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur’s regional council  have been given the opportunity to express their point of view on water issues for the 6th World Water Forum.