Youth Diplomacy

Youth Diplomacy is French youth think tank. We aim at encouraging French youth to understand global issues. Our society stands as a great mean for our younger generation to learn more about international contemporary issues. Through its community of students, regular events (conferences, professional breakfasts and simulations of negociations such as the Youth G20-G8 Summits) and publications (press reviews, articles, interviews with experts and politicians), Youth Diplomacy benefits from a wide range of publics.

This is an innovative interdisciplinary approach to help the youth set their own minds and take their own decisions later on political, social or economic issues.

Youth Diplomacy is a flexible platform. Its governance allows changes in the programs that Youth Diplomacy leads every year. But it remains a perennial high quality project.

Youth Diplomacy had been mandated by the 6th World Water Forum to pilot the Youth Initiatives Task Force of the  6th World Water Forum with other players. Our mission will be to help organise participation of international students at the Forum and synthetise the Youth Voice and outputs. We will also contribute to spread the youth message through Youth events (G8 & G20 Youth Summits).

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