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“A couple years ago, Jimmy and a bunch of firemen came to watch us play in Pittsburgh,” Joe said. “Last week, my brothers came to Pittsburgh to watch the [AFC] championship game and I know Jimmy realized that some of the guys he came with the last time were lost in that tragedy. All of my brothers are still trying to do all they can for the families that lost loved ones.

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Thought to be a strength in the offseason, the line has become https://www.cheapjerseys88.com a disaster. Left tackle Mike Adams was dominated by Minnesota Jared Allen on Sunday. Allen collected 2 sacks and spent half the afternoon in the Pittsburgh backfield. “AAAWWWK!” booms the Upset Bird, never one for subtle entrances. “Baltimaaawwwk!” Yes, I know it: Denver is a really good home team and is 41 13 1 (.759) in home openers, best in the league. That alone makes this a risky upset call, one that has me wondering if the Upset Bird has been in the Old Crow bourbon again.

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